SAP translator: have your SAP documents translated by a pro

SAP documents deal with complex subjects and address an expert audience. They are created by industry specialists who have an in-depth knowledge of the SAP environment. To obtain a translation of your SAP documents that is as technically sound as the original, you need a translation provider with relevant specialization. You need an SAP translator because the quality of your translation determines whether your SAP documents are also accepted by an international expert audience. If product brochures and marketing texts aren’t convincing in terms of expertise, your product loses on quality. Invest in a good translation so that you‘ll succeed with your products and services on an international scale, too. Bring an SAP translator on board!

Translating SAP documents is a job for an SAP translator

Finding the right translator

While searching for a qualified SAP translator you’ll come across many language providers. But since the professional title of translator is not protected, a myriad of vendors without appropriate qualifications are active on the Internet. Make sure during your search that the colleague is a qualified translator. For information on which general criteria a provider should meet, see my blog post What characterizes a professional translator?

SAP translator: a language pro with expert knowledge

Not only translation skills are necessary to transfer SAP documents into another language. Experience of SAP applications and industry knowledge in the ERP area are also important. The subjects of SAP-specific documents are highly complex, therefore sound expertise is required to create high-quality translations in this field. Translators specializing in SAP translation have this kind of industry expertise.

SAP translation: a value-added service

SAP translators know their way around the SAP world. Ideally, they have gained in-house experience by working for SAP as employed or freelance translators. They have an overview over the different software components and sufficient experience with the different types of SAP texts. Moreover, they know the tools that are used at SAP and partner companies, have participated in training courses and are familiar with the SAP terminology.

The advantages of hiring an SAP translator:

  • Mastery of SAP-specific language
  • Pro with regard to SAP terminology
  • Industry knowledge in the ERP area
  • Sound IT expertise
  • Interest in the latest software developments
  • Detailed knowledge of SAP applications

Speaking the right language

If you create training material for SAP applications, for example, you linguistically tailor your texts to the described applications. In doing so, you use the technical terms that also occur in the SAP products. This is necessary to ensure that your documentation is understood and accepted by users.

The translation of your SAP documents must also use the correct language. An SAP translator can help you with this. Armed with the relevant know-how, the language expert transfers your training material into the desired language. When it comes to choosing the correct technical terms, SAP translators make use of the SAP terminology database. In their search for the right terminology they benefit from their SAP experience.

Terminology search within the SAP database

The software company SAP has had a significant influence on the ERP field for decades: it has set standards and coined terminology. Its terminology work is reflected in SAP’s terminology database SAPterm. The database can be accessed online and is regularly fed with new terms by SAP. It contains over 4 million specialist terms in more than 40 languages. The terms cover all SAP applications. The huge number of entries relating to numerous software components result in the database being complex to use. Only somebody who has the relevant expertise and is familiar with the products is able to use SAP terminology correctly.

Experienced SAP translator

Do you want to put your SAP documents into the hands of an experienced specialist? Do you wish to have a contact who is flexible and knows what requirements the various SAP documents must fulfil? Then I can help you.

Why come to me?

  • Qualified translator
  • More than 20 years’ experience of SAP subjects
  • Proficient in using SAP translation tools
  • Knowledge of SAP terminology
  • Expert knowledge in the IT area
  • Expertise in the business area
  • Experience of different types of SAP documents
  • Participation in training courses on various SAP applications
  • Cooperation in translation projects onsite at SAP

Types of SAP documents

Does your text deal with a business topic such as using a business application? Or does it focus on an IT topic because it describes the provisioning and maintenance of the application? No matter what the focus of your text is, you’ll get a translation that is as outstanding as the original. I translate the following text types:

  • Training material
  • User manuals
  • User documentation
  • Product brochures
  • Help texts
  • Marketing material
  • System texts

Your text doesn’t fit into one of these categories? It doesn’t matter. Just send your request to I’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote.