Why do SAP translators produce better SAP texts?

by Teresa La Torre | 27 March 2019

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Revised on 4 February 2022

The answer is quite simple: because they are experts in their field. Translators are professionals in the art of transposing texts from one language to another and in researching specialist terminology. As SAP translators they also have expertise in the SAP environment.

With any piece of writing, it is the case that the content can only be reproduced if it has been understood. This applies to translation too. In translation, content is recreated in another language, so to speak, and so it makes sense to specialize. One such specialization is the SAP sphere.

What is an SAP text?

I consider any text broadly relating to an SAP-specific topic to be an SAP text. It could be a product description, training documentation or marketing material covering SAP applications. Website content regarding consultancy services in the SAP environment also fall into this category, however, as do documents relating to products that are used as SAP add-ons.

Examples of SAP texts

  • Website content
  • Training and instruction documents
  • User manuals
  • Operating instructions
  • Application documentation
  • Product brochures
  • Help texts
  • Marketing material
  • System texts

SAP text content is usually highly specialized and calls for the use of dedicated terminology. As such, the more experience the professional linguist has of the SAP environment, the better the translation.

Where can I find an SAP translator?

It’s possible to find anything on the Internet these days, even SAP translators. If you enter the search term “SAP translator” or “SAP translation” into your browser, you’re sure to get hits. But be careful! “Translator” is not a protected professional designation, and many people offering this service are not qualified. You can quickly sort the wheat from the chaff if you bear a couple of tips in mind. Take a look at my blog post “5 tips for how to find a professional translator to see which general criteria you should remember.

Once you have identified a number of suitably qualified professionals, look closely at their profiles. What experience do they have in the SAP field?

What sets SAP translators apart from the rest?

SAP translators ideally have several years’ experience of translating SAP text. They are familiar with the various SAP applications and SAP terminology and they know the tools used at SAP and its partner companies.

SAP translators:

Say no to machine translation

Machine translation is gaining in popularity. The results are often acceptable and in many cases it yields a pretty reasonable translation. On closer scrutiny, however, the errors are there to see: terminology usage is inconsistent and difficult sentence constructions are not rendered correctly. The translation does not conform to the SAP style guides. The machine has no experience of the applications described.

If you wish to make the right impression with your SAP translation, it is better not to opt for machine translation. Put your faith in people, because SAP translators translate instinctively based on their experience and specialist knowledge.


I’ll be happy to assist with the translation of your SAP texts. My experience of the SAP field is set out in detail on the SAP Translation page


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