SAP Translation

SAP translation

Providing SAP translation services calls for expert knowledge because the SAP environment is a highly complex ERP area. Simply knowing SAP terminology is not enough to ensure high-quality software interfaces, documentation or training material. To provide a good, accurate SAP translation, an expert knowledge of various SAP applications and a familiarity with SAP-specific features are also required.

As a qualified translator with more than 20 years of professional experience in this specialization, I offer specialist translations from English to German and German to English.

Extensive knowledge is necessary to provide excellent SAP translation services

SAP translations require expert knowledge.

Translating SAP texts

Your SAP translation should integrate seamlessly into the SAP environment. It should also comply with SAP quality standards. To guarantee the latter, excellent linguistic knowledge, considerable background information and SAP experience are necessary. Therefore, entrust an experienced SAP translator with the translation of your SAP texts. You want the translation to be done in an internal system? No problem! No matter what SAP texts you have to translate, be they user interfaces, user manuals or training material, I will produce a professional job.

Translating in SE63

The features offered in the SAP system do not always optimally map the business processes of SAP customers. Therefore, many SAP customers develop the missing programs and user interfaces on their own. But how are the texts in the source language translated into the target language?

For this purpose, the SAP system provides the translation environment in transaction SE63. This environment allows translation of short and long texts, which then appear on the user interface as control elements and online help texts. Although the translation process is complex, translation is made easier by means of translation proposals and context information. Bring a language provider onboard who is highly adept at using this transaction and the SAP translation tools.

Translating ERP documentation

ERP systems such as SAP ERP map a company’s business processes and are used for resource planning. ERP systems are frequently composed of a variety of interlocking applications. The individual applications support processes in functional areas such as materials management, sales and distribution and production. In addition to standard software, there are also industry solutions tailored to specific sectors like retail or utilities. As an experienced ERP translator I have already translated a multitude of text types for numerous functional areas, including software user interfaces, training material, product brochures, help texts and marketing material.

Long-standing SAP experience

I have expanded the ERP knowledge acquired during my long-standing professional involvement in the SAP area by attending various training courses. My comprehensive translation experience in the SAP field comprises the following OnPremise and Cloud solutions:

    Production Planning and Control (PP)
    Plant Maintenance (PM)
    Quality Management (QM)
    Project system (PS)
    Supply Chain Management (SCM)
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Logistics – General (LO)
    Sales and Distribution (SD)
    Materials Management (MM)
    Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
  • SAP Travel OnDemand (travel and expense management)
  • SAP Retail (POS solutions)
  • SAP Utilities (utilities sector)

Translating ERP documentation and user interfaces (software localization) is my core competence, as is terminology management. Furthermore, I have extensive experience of performing language acceptance tests, which are an integral part of agile development.

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