SEO Translation

SEO translation

An SEO translation is the combination of translating Internet content and optimizing it for search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a crucial success factor for companies. Most Internet users make a search request before visiting a website. Therefore, the higher your website ranks in the search engine results, the better the visibility of your products and service. If you want your German content to be also found on the Internet, you need an SEO translation of your English website.

Why do you need an SEO translation?

An SEO translation is aimed at Internet users and search engines equally. For an SEO-compliant translation, I adapt the texts to the linguistic and cultural aspects of the target country to create a translation that sounds natural and idiomatic. This is called website localization. Afterwards, I optimize the Internet content for search engines. This way, I create reader-friendly and search-engine-optimized translations, because only websites with a good ranking in search engines have a real prospect of being read by the users.

An SEO translation of your website is important to achieve a high ranking in search engines

An SEO translation makes you more visible on the Internet.

SEO-optimized translations are possible for different Internet content. I offer translations with SEO optimization for the following types of text:

  • web pages
  • blog posts
  • landing pages
  • ad campaigns for online advertising
  • product descriptions for app stores (app store optimization)

SEO-compliant translation of websites

As a company operating in the international arena, you must meet certain criteria to ensure that the German translation of your homepage appears high on the list of search results. In addition to the visible website texts and blog posts, the invisible texts relevant to the search engines, the so-called metatexts, must also be transposed into German. These texts are read out by the search engines to create the ranking results. The translator must know the SEO rules to be able to do a search-engine-optimized translation of these texts. Only translators having the necessary SEO know-how are able to adapt the metatexts to fulfil search engine requirements and make the keywords appear at the relevant positions in the target language. A keyword analysis helps to find out the right search terms in the target language.

Besides translation skills, an SEO translation also requires SEO competence. A good SEO-optimized translation is the result of a complex process, which I divide into several individual steps:

  • keyword analysis in the target language
  • translation of the visible website texts
  • SEO-compatible adaption of the visible texts
  • translation and adaption of metatexts in compliance with SEO rules

Keywords and search behavior

Today, most users scan only the first 1 to 2 result pages in the search engines when they search for a certain piece of information. Therefore, a high rank in the search engine result pages (SERPs) is important to be found on the Internet. This also holds true for your website in the foreign language.

But what are users in the target country looking for? Since the search behavior is influenced by linguistic and cultural aspects, this question can only be answered after thoroughly analyzing the keywords in the target language. If your SEO translation considers the keywords relevant to the target language and the search habits of the foreign-language users, you have the chance to appear high in the search engine listings.

Successful online advertising

Using the right keywords in your online ads helps you to be successful.

Using the right keywords in the translation is essential for the success of your online ads.

With online ads you increase your company’s visibility on the Internet for a specific target group. Since the length of ad texts is restricted, the ads frequently need to be adapted in the target language. The success of your campaign, however, depends not only on the number of people clicking your ad. Whether potential customers find what they are looking for on the landing page and engage in activity that is profitable for you is even more important. Such activity includes purchasing a product, subscribing to a newsletter, requesting further information or calling you directly. In search engine advertising (SEA), the correct interplay between landing page, ad texts and keywords is key.


I can help you to advertise your products and services successfully on the international stage. As a translator with SEO experience I don’t only translate your ads and landing pages into the target language in a linguistically and technically correct way, but I also master the rules of online advertising.

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