SEO Translation

SEO translation of websites

Search engine optimization (SEO) of Internet content has become a crucial success factor for companies. This is true also of translating websites and advertisements for the Internet. Good positioning of your website in the search engines and optimized AdWords campaigns secure you a distinct competitive edge.

SEO translation: more visibility on the Internet

A SEO translation of your website is important to achieve a high ranking in search engines

A SEO translation of your website secures you more visibility on the Internet.

As a company operating in the international arena, you must meet certain criteria to ensure that the translation of your homepage appears high on the list of search results. In addition to the visible website texts, the invisible metatexts relevant to the search engines must also be transposed into German and English, taking SEO rules into account. This may mean that the texts have to be adapted to position the keywords in the relevant places. Finding the correct search terms in the target language is only possible with keyword analysis. This may show, for example, that search words have to be expanded or contracted for the target language, because the terminology concepts are different. Equally important is the use of the corresponding synonyms and subject-related terms in the translation to increase the relevance of your content for the target language. All these factors must be incorporated into the translation.

Successful AdWords campaigns

AdWords adverts increase the visibility of a company on the Internet for specific target groups. Since only a limited number of characters is permitted, adverts in the target language often have to be adapted. To ensure success with your English and German Google ads, you need to cultivate a good working relationship with the translation agency.

The success of your AdWords campaign depends on whether the right keywords are used in the translation

Using the right keywords in the translation is essential for the success of your AdWords campaign.

Basic details such as target group, search terms in the source language and negative keywords are clarified at a first briefing. This is an important step, because the success of your campaign depends not only on the number of people clicking on your ad. Whether potential customers find what they are looking for on the landing page and engage in activity that is profitable for you is even more important. Such activity includes purchasing a product, subscribing to a newsletter, requesting further information or calling you directly. Working with a translation agency that not only translates your ad correctly in linguistic and technical terms but also has experience of AdWords advertising will augment your success.

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