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Software localization: more than just translating

Software localization is a prerequisite to be successful in the target market. If a software product is to be sold internationally, it is often not enough just to translate it. The software or app of a German company, for example, is not only translated into English, but rather localized for the target market. That means culture-specific elements such as currency, date and time details must match the cultural usage of the market that is to be opened up.

It is not only dialog boxes, menus and buttons that must convey the impression of having been developed especially for a country. The online help, user manual and related marketing texts such as product brochures have to be adapted to that user group as well. Only software that takes all country-specific factors into account has good sales prospects.

A localized software product provides a maximized user experience.

A localized software product provides a maximized user experience.

I offer high-quality translations of different text types in the software localization area:

  • Graphical user interfaces (GUI)
  • Operating instructions
  • Help systems
  • User manuals
  • Technical documents

My core competence is the localization of ERP software as a desktop and cloud application as well as applications used in the technical field.

Software localization specifics

Besides linguistic competence, software localization also demands background knowledge of software technology and expertise in working with localization tools. The user interface of a software product comprises single words and text fragments. Translation is often made difficult because the space on the interface is restricted. However, these difficulties can be mastered perfectly by using an appropriate localization tool. Such a tool shows the texts in their context and makes visual localization of the elements possible.

A prerequisite for adapting software to a target country is that the application must have been internationalized. This means that the source code has already been programmed for international usage, which is essential for the user interface to be adapted to the country in question. Take advantage of my linguistic and cultural knowledge as well as my extensive localization experience to gain a decisive competitive edge for your product.

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