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Teresa La Torre Professional translator

Teresa La Torre
Translator for German

I am a qualified translator translating from English to German and German to English. My areas of specialization are:

During my time as a student at Heidelberg University, I was drawn to technical subjects. On graduating in 1990, I turned my attention to Information Technology. My initial IT knowledge was acquired during my employment with a company and I have since consolidated this knowledge on various training courses and while self-employed. I later developed an interest in the field of medical technology. You will find a summary of customers and projects on my Reference page.

What sets me apart from the rest

Professionalism, reliability and adherence to deadlines are a matter of course for me. These go hand in hand with an eye for detail and the readiness to immerse myself in your discipline, so as to produce a convincing translation for your product. I am open to new challenges and I value personal contact. In my opinion, active communication is an essential basis for a good working relationship, because I can only come up with the right words for you if I have a good knowledge of your company and your product.

Your benefit

You will find that I am a translator who contributes with her technical and linguistic know-how, who thinks outside the box and is happy to provide individual advice on request. An exchange of information enhances the success factor and provides me with the information that I need to deliver high-caliber translations. The better the communication, the more succinct the translation of your texts and statements.