English to German and German to English

The quality of your translations has a significant influence on the success of your company in an international environment. Not only must your product be convincing, the translation of the documents accompanying your product must be of high quality, too. Whether you need a translation of your technical documentation, user manual, operating instructions, software interface or marketing material, I will always find words that resonate with your target audience. Professionalism, reliability and on-schedule delivery are guaranteed.

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First-class translations are a decisive factor for the success of your company in an international environment.

Translation specialist with expert knowledge

Translating technical texts means that the translator must transpose complex facts into another language. This requires specialist knowledge. Use of the appropriate technical language in terms of terminology and style is also important. This is a task for professional translators. I am a qualified translator with a translation degree in English and German, specializing in the following areas:

Extensive practical experience has given me the competence needed to translate complex technical texts. Thus you can rest assured that I know what you are talking about.

Translation of websites and marketing texts

You have invested a lot of work in creating your advertising and marketing material. You want your web pages and marketing texts to have a certain effect on your target group, and so you have shaped your content with this goal in mind. When translating, phrases and words have to be carefully chosen so that the texts in the target language have the same effect on the reader as the source texts. Sometimes the texts must be adapted to the cultural and country-specific usage to have the same impact, reproducing the fluency of the original text. Using my comprehensive cultural and country-specific knowledge plus cooperation with native speakers, I can recreate the impact of your source text in the target language.

Optimal position in search engines

You have optimized your homepage for search engines and want the users of the target language to be able to find it as well? Get in contact.