SAP translator: have your SAP documents translated by a pro

SAP documents deal with complex subjects and address an expert audience. They are created by industry specialists who have an in-depth knowledge of the SAP environment. To obtain a translation of your SAP documents that is as technically sound as the original, you need a translation provider with relevant specialization. You need an SAP translator.

Several bank notes. How much money is needed to pay the translation cost.

How much does a translation cost?

It depends. Like all services, there is no standard price for translation. Therefore, this question has no universal answer. In this blog post, I explain which factors will affect translation cost.

Technical translation and terminology

A technical translation is always required if you intend to market a technical product in another country. In this case the technical documentation must be translated into the language of the relevant country. A technical translation must make consistent use of specialist terms to facilitate problem-free operation of equipment.

Terminology on blue background. The SAP terminology has been collected over many years.

Using SAP terminology correctly

The SAP terminology is the result of longstanding terminology work done by SAP. By consistently collecting and managing the terms used within the company, SAP has created a huge terminology database named SAPTerm. Some time ago SAP made this database available to the public for free. But how can this comprehensive terminology collection be used to best effect?

Quality is important in user manual translation

User manual translation

As a manufacturer you’re obliged to have the user manuals of your software applications and operating instructions of your products translated into the official language of the target country. That means that if you want to sell your product in the USA or the United Kingdom, you need an English translation. To avoid product liability claims because of errors in your technical documentation, you should commit yourself to quality in your user manual.

A professional translator has to meet many criteria

What characterizes a professional translator?

This is a question many companies ask themselves when they’re looking for a professional translator. Are you also one of these companies? If you’ve invested a lot of time in developing your product and you want to sell it successfully abroad, you need the translation of the accompanying documents, like instructions for use or manuals. Here you’ll learn what makes a professional translator.

BDÜ at the 18th Start-up Day in Heidelberg

Together with four other colleagues, I represented the Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer (Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators – BDÜ) at the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region Start-up Day in Heidelberg on November 18. A wide-ranging program attracted a large number of interested visitors to the SRH University in Heidelberg.