Medical Technology

Medical technology: a demanding subject to translate

Medical technology makes high demands not only on the products but also on the translation. Medical devices have to be safe and reliable – the same applies to the translation of the related documentation. Linguistic competence and wide-ranging specialist knowledge are a must for rendering complex facts in English perfectly in German. This is why you should entrust the translation of your texts to a qualified translator with medical expertise and technical know-how.

Special aspects of medical technology translation

Specialist knowledge is essential for providing good translations in the field of medical technology

Entrust the translation of your texts to a specialist.

Many texts on medical devices are safety-critical. This applies above all to user manuals and operating instructions in diagnostics, because the analysis results affect diagnosis, therapy and the patient’s health. These operating instructions address medical professionals and often describe highly complex devices. For the professionals to correctly operate the devices and the diagnostics to be reliable, the translation quality has to be of a high level.

With a good translation, you avoid operating errors and serious consequences for the patient. I guarantee a translation of an impressively high standard – because the quality of your documents plays a key role in the success of your products in the target market.

Text types in medical technology

In the field of medical technology, a variety of text types have to be translated, including:

  • User manuals and operating instructions for medical devices
  • Package inserts for medical devices
  • User interfaces of devices and apps
  • Marketing material such as website texts, flyers and brochures

Many of these text types are geared to medical professionals with specific expert knowledge. Others, however, address patients and convey the meaning using a language that laypersons understand.

Good translations relating to medical devices are technically correct, use the right terminology and speak the language of the respective target audience. To meet these requirements, I continuously extend my medical expertise. As a result, I have consolidated my expert knowledge over many years.

Translation experience in medical technology

I have been translating documents in the field of medical technology on a daily basis for many years, including product descriptions, operating instructions, user manuals, package inserts and marketing material. If you seek a reliable translation agency and value personal contact, you have come to the right place. I have wide-ranging medical knowledge in the following areas:

  • Diabetes management (blood glucose meters, insulin pumps, apps and software)
  • Cardiac and respiratory diagnostics (ECG, ergometry, spirometry)
  • Hematology (blood and coagulation analyzers)
  • Dental medicine (navigation systems for dental implants)

It goes without saying that I am familiar with a variety of file formats, such as XML, HTML, InDesign and FrameMaker. I will be happy to handle the software localization of your medical devices and apps also.

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