SEO copywriting services for online content

The Internet is home to copious amounts of information, with millions of items being added daily. As a result, it is increasingly hard to differentiate your own website content from that of your competitors. This is where good SEO copywriting skills come to the rescue. A professional SEO copywriter tailors your content to the search requests of Internet users and optimizes your website texts for search engines. Set yourself apart from the masses and hire an SEO copywriter for your German content.

Advantages of professional SEO copywriting services

When you search for something on the Internet, your request is processed by search engines. Based on countless criteria, Google and other services decide where your website content will appear in the results pages. By using SEO copywriting services you can achieve a higher ranking in the results listing, thereby increasing the probability that your website content will be read. This has positive benefits for your company and gives you the following advantages:

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Greater visibility on the Internet

More traffic to your website

Greater recognition

Increased sales

Relevance, uniqueness and user intent

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If you want your messages to be read, you have to convince the search engines with your SEO content. Relevance and user intent are key factors when it comes to search engine optimization. SEO content is relevant if it is informative, meaning that it covers a certain topic in depth. Focusing on the user intent means that the content will deliver precisely the information sought by the target audience. And a message containing details that cannot be found in other content will also be unique. Meeting these criteria ensures that the content offers genuine added value.

If your SEO content ticks all the above boxes, then you have won over the search engines and you achieve a higher ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Formal design of SEO-optimized content

Apart from the message you want to get across, your website content must satisfy formal criteria to be noticed by search engines and the public. No one has time nowadays to read pages of content covering a topic in epic detail.

We need information fast, and SEO articles support us in this quest. A transparent structure and sub-headings divide the information into smaller, bite-sized packages. Bullet lists, tables and images break up the content, making it easy to scan with the eye. We can decide instantly whether it contains the information we are looking for. Moreover, links are useful for providing further information on a subject. They inform the search engines how your web pages are linked to one another, thereby supporting the search engine function and enabling users to find what they seek more easily.

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How to recognize SEO content

  • Analysis of a topic
  • Unique content
  • Geared to user intent
  • Transparently organized content
  • Content easy to scan
  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • Links to own and other websites
  • Meta tags that encourage the reader to click

SEO copywriting services: How to create persuasive content

  1. Briefing
    At the beginning of any SEO copywriting service is the briefing. The briefing explains which content is to be communicated to which target audience and how this is to be done. The more comprehensive and thorough the instructions and information provided, the more closely the content will meet your requirements.
  1. Keyword research
    For your SEO content to fulfil the user intent, you need to know what terms – also known as keywords – Internet users will enter. You can find this out through in-depth keyword research. You then decide on the terms to which the content will be optimized.
  1. Content creation
    The content is created, focusing on the target audience and user intent. Convince your audience with powerful arguments for what you are offering and show your target group the benefits. The more unique and fascinating your content is, the longer users will stay on your website – which is rewarded by search engines.
  1. Content at meta level
    The meta level is a higher content level and contains the title and description of the website. These snippets of text are used to tell the search engines what your SEO-optimized content is about. Meta tags that are tailored to the topic and user intent inspire users to click. The snappier and more interesting the title and description are, the more users will be stimulated to read your SEO content.

The text content and search engine optimization must be integrated to convince both reader and search engine.

Copywriting services for SEO content

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Writing SEO content is challenging work. No one sees the time and effort that goes into the finished product. Good SEO-optimized content must captivate and convince its audience. At the same time, it must meet certain criteria to merit a high ranking in the search engine results pages. If you lack sufficient time to produce content, I advise you to engage the services of an SEO copywriter, because content that is clearly visible on the Internet will give you a significant advantage.

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