Translation Services

Highly specialized translation services

Providing specialized translation services is a challenging task: a feeling for language and a lot of technical know-how is required. I have gained in-depth expertise through my professional experience as a translator and regularly attend training courses to extend that expertise. The advanced specialist knowledge that I have acquired in particular fields benefits you in the form of first-class translations. I specialize in the following areas:

Blueprint know how

Providing first-class translations requires a lot of specialist knowledge.

SAP Translation

Translating in the SAP environment calls for expert knowledge because this is a highly complex ERP area. Simply knowing SAP terminology is not enough to ensure high-quality software interfaces, documentation or training material. To provide good, accurate translations, an expert knowledge of various SAP applications and a familiarity with SAP-specific features are also required. Read more

SEO Translation

Search engine optimization (SEO) of Internet content has become a crucial success factor for companies. This is true also of translating websites and advertisements for the Internet. Good positioning of your website in the search engines and optimized AdWords campaigns secure you a distinct competitive edge. Read more

Software localization

Software localization is a prerequisite to be successful in the target market. If a software product is to be sold internationally, it is often not enough just to translate it. The software or app of a German company, for example, is not only translated into English, but rather localized for the target market. Read more

Information technology

Information technology (or IT for short) is a fast-moving, highly specialized field in which new trends, concepts and terminology are constantly emerging. As a result, the demands made on translation providers are great. Read more

Medical technology

Medical technology makes high demands not only on the products but also on the translation. Medical devices have to be safe and reliable – the same applies to the translation of the related documentation. Read more