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by Teresa La Torre | 17 September 2018

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Did you know that SAP offers free e-learning courses? Expand your SAP knowledge with the openSAP platform.

SAP learning platform openSAP

openSAP is a learning platform on which SAP offers online courses covering SAP topics – and it’s free of charge. Anyone interested can take part, regardless of age, education level or company affiliation. I recently tested it out by signing up for a course on the subject of the “Internet of things”, and the above information is correct: there are no restrictions on participation. All I had to do was to provide a few details when registering on openSAP, just first name, last name and e-mail address. That was it. As the course is a self-study package, I was able to get started immediately after signing up.

What topics are covered?

The range of courses is extensive and is split into two series, each focusing on different aspects. In the “Thought Leaders” series, prominent figures from the scientific, industrial and economic sectors share know-how on digital innovation and transformation. It seems that SAP intends to advance the topic of digitalization with this concept. The series “Enterprise MOOCs” comprises courses on SAP-specific subjects. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are online courses in which the public can participate without any access limits. This series of courses covers SAP knowledge and looks perfect for anyone interested in SAP products such as SAP Fiori, SAP Leonardo and SAP C/4HANA. Just have a browse and try it out.

SAP knowledge in online format

The online courses on openSAP combine traditional methods of imparting knowledge with e-learning. Many educational institutions and universities now offer such “mass participation courses”. MOOCs are a quick and easy way of acquiring knowledge, and I like the fact that a company such as SAP has joined the ranks of knowledge purveyors. The courses are aimed at IT professionals wishing to consolidate their SAP knowledge and also at those with an interest in IT-related matters. A good knowledge of English is essential to get the most out of the offer, as most of the courses are in English.

Who takes advantage of the offer?

A large number of customers and partners of SAP are among the course participants, according to the company. And SAP employees use the platform to undertake further training. I also registered recently. As a qualified translator specializing in SAP translation, I find the learning platform a simple and convenient way of keeping up to date with SAP innovations. I will certainly be taking a look at openSAP more often and tapping into this knowledge source.

Surprising courses

Although the range of courses on openSAP is geared to IT topics, a couple of German-language courses stood out for me from the rest of the range. A course that focuses on teaching digital skills to primary school children is offered for teachers, while another of the courses is aimed at those who wish to get involved on a voluntary basis in teaching German to asylum seekers. These two courses stand out on account of the subject matter and target audience, but show that openSAP is also open to topics that have a social impact. It will be interesting to see if more courses of this kind appear on the platform in the future. 

Facts and figures

The offering on openSAP has been available since 2013. Since then, more than 630,000 people from 200 countries have registered on the platform and have logged in 2.5 million times for one of the 140 courses.


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