Information Technology (IT)

Information technology translation services

Information technology (or IT for short) is a fast-moving, highly specialized field in which new trends, concepts and terminology are constantly emerging. As a result, the demands made on translation providers are great: they must master the very specialized terminology and stay abreast of the latest developments if they are to keep pace with this rapidly evolving discipline.

Translation skills in the IT field

Information technology (IT) translation services

The demands made on translators in the IT field are high.

Information technology now influences virtually every aspect of everyday life and is closely interwoven with other disciplines and spheres. Over many years of working as a professional translator I have therefore enhanced my IT competence by adding the following specializations:

  • e-Learning
  • SAP
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • SCM (Supply Chain Management)
  • POS systems (cash register solutions)
  • Software applications for temperature monitoring in industrial manufacturing

IT-specific text types and documentation

Information technology is a wide-ranging field giving rise to an extensive variety of texts and documents. To meet the challenging demands of translating in the IT field I have specialized in particular disciplines and types of text. Translation of the following text types forms part of my core competence:

  • Manuals and documentation
    User manuals, training documentation, user documentation and online help texts for software applications, articles, press releases and website content, publicity material relating to SAP, ERP, temperature measurement systems and e-learning
  • Software localization
    Translation and localization of software interfaces taking culturally specific aspects into account

Information technology and medical technology

Information technology is widespread in medical technology also and plays a key role here. Equipment for blood analysis and blood coagulation as well as for in-vitro diagnostics, for example, is software-controlled. This software must be localized for the relevant country and the accompanying documentation translated into the local language. With my in-depth knowledge of the information technology and medical technology fields [Link] I can provide highly effective translation support for your medical technology projects.

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