Website translation: benefits of SEO translation

Obtain a competitive advantage with a professional website translation that adheres to the rules of search engine optimization (SEO). Learn what characterizes an SEO-compliant translation or SEO translation and how your company will benefit from it.

Your website: your business card on the Internet

You’re a successful company that wants to expand its products and services to the German-speaking market. For this purpose, you need to have your website translated. With a German online presence, you ensure that interested parties in all German-speaking countries can gather information relating to your company and offer. But how do you ensure that prospective buyers find your website in the vastness of the Internet and are attracted by your products and services?

Your website is your digital business card

An SEO translation makes your website stand out.

An appealing website and its professional translation constitute your business card on the Internet. A visiting card is all the more useful when you actively present it to your counterpart. In connection with the Internet that means your business card should rank high in the results of search engines like Google and others. In other words, the webpages have to be optimized for search engines. They are well optimized when the following is true:

  • Your website ranks high in the result lists of search engines.
  • The metatext attracts interest.
  • The website contents are geared to the search query (keywords).

Gain new customers with your website translation

Attract new customers with an SEO translation of your website

Attract new customers with your translated website.

When you have your website translated according to SEO rules, you increase your visibility on the Internet: your offer appears higher on the search engine hit lists. Thus, you capture the attention of potential buyers and stand out from your competitors. An appealing metatext arouses the interest of Internet users and invites them to click your hit list entry. Now, your webpage must retain their interest. The users expect contents that match their search query and are relevant to them, otherwise they’ll soon leave the page. That means your translated webpages must contain the right keywords. Ideally, the interest you generate is so great that the users place a request via a contact form or contact you by phone or e-mail.

The right keywords are essential

For your website translation to be successful, the correct keywords have to be used in the target language. A mere translation of the keywords is not sufficient because the term concepts and search behavior of users differ depending on the language. It’s important to find out which keywords the target group makes use of to find the desired contents. Therefore, you need to bring a professional language partner with SEO knowledge on board. With linguistic competence, excellent SEO know-how and a successful keyword analysis, such a language specialist can help you to gain new customers.

Long-term success with your website translation

To achieve long-term success with your German website, you need to analyze your website traffic on a regular basis. The analysis provides information on the factors to be adjusted in order to increase the rank and the number of clicks. Search engine optimization is a continuous process. This is true of both the English and the German webpages. When you have an SEO translator on your team, you can implement an SEO strategy that is focused on long-term success on a national and international scale.

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